AI Japan T-Shirt Design
In my global thinking class, we created a fundraiser to aid Japan after the tsunami and earthquakes in 2011. The Japanese characters spell out “Love Japan” while the surrounding words phonetically spell out how to say them in English.

We held a T-shirt contest, and my design won.

This design was also chosen to be put up at the Scarab Club for the 2103 Design Exhibition

AI Japan

Detroit Zoo Logo Remake + Calendar Logo
The logo was redesigned with the resident of the most popular exhibit: the polar bear. The word “Detroit” is in a serif font to emulate the older logo, and symbolizes tradition. “Zoo” is in a sanserif font to symbolize a modern time and change.

A mock up poster of a Hennessy promotional ad, emulating Van Gogh’s Starry Night.


Kimmi’s Kitchen Amaretto Label
Label designed for homemade Amaretto.

Amaretto Label

5×7 Earth Day Promo
A 5×7 mailer for earth day. There are two separate photographs, and a hand drawn “tattoo” to signify the unity between earth and ourselves. The words were meant to be of a more sarcastic nature to pierce the reader.


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