Brand Identity

This brand building was conducted for a class where we chose an existing company and changed and/or added their current branding package.

Off the Beaten Path is a steampunk themed book store and cafe.

This logo symbolizes both the title and theme of the cafe and book store “Off the Beaten Path”. The gear shape symbolizes the steampunk character and nature of the physical
aspects of the store. The inside of the design represents part of the name of the business by resembling a compass without direction – leaving the path open.

Logo Sizes/Margins and Acceptable Logo Variations
Minimum Logo Size
The smallest the gear logo is allowed to get is 3/16ths of an inch in order to maintain readability. This smallest size is only intended for a business card, or as a footnote (as in advertisement or handbill). When it comes to other logo applications including promotions, forms, websites, ect., please try to make it larger that the smallest size of 3/16ths of an inch.

Minimum Logo Margin
The margin is the clear space around the logo free of any other text or any other form of graphic. Plentiful space allows the logo to work to its full potential. More space is always better than trying to crop it in too tightly.

Interchangeable Logos
The Logo can either be the symbol alone or the symbol in combination with the name of the company. The symbol can be used in over a variety of ways while the title is limited
to use in documents, and advertisements. The Logo text should changed unless when only using the symbol is used on its own.

Logomark Element Range
The symbol can be altered color-wise only and only in these three combinations. When associated with the entire logo, the center and outside of the logo would be the same
color as the text.

Unacceptable Logo Usage
Do not change the distance between the symbol and the logo company title.
Do not re-arrange the logo in any way.
Do not change the color of the symbol and logo.
Do not rotate symbol, do not recolor logo unless done appropriately, do not invert logo.

Letterhead Package and Type Families
The Letterhead Package includes the letterhead with back design, completely customized envelope with wax seal, double sided business card that folds into a miniature envelope that is also customized and sealed with a wax seal.

Type Families
There are three type families used typographically within this guide book. These fonts can be used on websites, brochures, ect., but cannot take place of the logo font.
Arabic Typesetting, Chevalier Becker Stripes, Eccentric Std., Vinque-Regular

Arabic Typesetting
This is the generic font used in letters, descriptions, ect.

Chevalier Becker Stripes + Eccentric Std.
These are used as display font only.

This was the font used in the logo. It should only be used in the logo.

Building Signage and Mailers
The curves represent parts of the Victorian era upon which the steampunk culture is heavily based on. The crazy different display fonts and the wax seal are also reminiscent of the Victorian era. The logo is embedded in a large wax seal for looks and appeal. The black box behind it is just to separate it from the background. My mailer looks a lot like the building signage because I think it’s important for customers to know what they’re looking for when they’re trying to find the store. The building is slightly difficult to pick out, so being able to recognize something significant can help tremendously.

Website: Home Page

Website: Directions

Mug Design
This mug is large and in charge at 16 oz. It not only uses the color effectively, but it also has a sweet gear-style handle. Now customers will have a stylish mug to drink their coffee, tea, or hot coco from.

Business Card Stand
I had based my design off of one in a template book, but the layout and set up of what my design became is not at all similar to that of the base pattern. This stand was made to not take up too much space but still hold a lot of business cards. There could be multiples
of these stands around the store or at the register.

Card Stand

Starting at the top left, here is a box designed to be flat and easily assembled when needed. Since it’s a small shop and expensive hats are for sale, these boxes would work out very
well. On the bottom are rigid bags for carrying knick knacks, books, and clothing or any other merchandise the company is selling at the time. Last, the tags can have business cards attached for those who are selling their own wares.These die-lines were utilized from various resources.


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